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A book (or series) bible is just what it sounds like: A complete archive that contains all of the important details of your story. The bible will be put together by combing through the manuscript and taking not of all important descriptions and facts, cross-referenced with other important details. If the bible is for a series, and information will be color-coded by book, with each book having it’s on color, so you know which book a fact was introduced in. (For example, hair-color, family history, hand chopped off, etc..) The document will be tabbed for cross-referencing, so that you can visually check information and reference prior details as you revise or continue work on a series.

Here are just some of the things that may be in your bible:
  • Characters: Names, age, identifying features, clothing, mannerisms, personal histories, beliefs
  • Clothing: Garments, armor, accessories, jewelry, weapons, makeup, tattoos
  • Settings: Geographical, historical, social, technological, physical, environmental
  • World Building – Is the environment that your characters inhabit well described, accurate and realistic?
  • Society: Religion, education, economic, class, countries, customs, transportation
  • Rules: Government, rulership, laws, courts
  • Language: Dialogue, languages, regional dialect, slang
  • Timeline: Myths, historical events, current events
  • Genre specific: Magical powers, species, universes, races

Note: because every work can cover so many different aspects, this list is by no means exhaustive, and your bible will be customized to your manuscript.

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