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Manuscript Editing Services

Narrowing It Down

As a fiction editor, my focus is primarily on the mainstream and speculative (sci-fi, urban fantasy, high fantasy, hard sci-fi, paranormal, etc.) genres. I also work with non-traditional formats and styles of writing, as well as graphic novels. Other genres are an option however, so feel free to inquire if if your novel doesn’t fit into one of those categories. Typical length ranges from novels to novellas, but I will consider some shorter works.

However, I know that for many authors, knowing what service will best suit their manuscript can often be confusing.

What most manuscripts need will normally will fall into one of four categories.

  • New manuscripts that you want a big picture evaluation of
  • Drafts that you've set aside and aren't sure how to start tackling again
  • Novels that you have been revising, but are unsure where to go next with
  • Novels that you are developing, but need in-depth analysis of
  • Manuscripts where you want detailed guidance on what is working and what isn't
  • Drafts where you need help fixing what isn't working

Good For:

  • Manuscripts where you want line-tightening editing
  • Fact and continuity in text checking
  • Line-by-line analysis on what works, what doesn't and what can be made stronger

(A service I do not provide, but it is an important part of finalizing a manuscript)

  • Editing spelling, punctuation, formatting, etc. so that the manuscript is error free
  • The final polish before publication

Other Services Offered

  • A detailed document of all of the facts contained in a novel or series
  • Important for maintaining consistency of information within the storyline
  • An examination of all of the components that make up this visual/written art form
  • Verification that the artwork, the script, and the storyline work in harmony
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