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Line Editing/Copyediting

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While the Manuscript Evaluation takes a overall look at the manuscript, and the Developmental Edit helps you dig into the building blocks of the manuscript, a Line Edit/Copyedit goes over a nearly-finished manuscript with a fine-tooth comb. The editor will make two passes through the manuscript, one to read and absorb it as a piece of work, and a second one to evaluate what needs strengthening and clarifying. (Additional passes may be purchased.) Rather than look at big-picture problems, this edit gets into the nuts and bolts with the goal of making the manuscript as strong as possible. This edit does not change the author’s voice, but rather highlights and explains issues in a way that allows the author to have the tools to change them if they choose. Things such as missing words and punctuation will also be address, but that it not the focus. Consistency of internal facts, as well as basic real-world facts are verified and noted in order to ensure they remain the same throughout the work. Phrasing, clichés, incorrect words and lack of clarity are all things that will be addressed as we go through it line by line.

Things that will be addressed include:
  • Information redundancies and info dumping
  • Basic accuracy of real world facts
  • Consistency of in-story facts and details (hair color, school attended, etc.)
  • Conversations and inner dialogue to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Instances of showing vs. telling
  • Narrative wandering
  • Clichés in narrative, characterization and/or writing
  • Places where the action is disrupted due to poor transitions
  • Rough or inconsistent word flow
  • Length and order of chapters
  • Words or sentences that are overused or unneeded
  • Run-on sentences, stilted sentences, and awkward phrasing
  • Sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar
  • Typos and missing words
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